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Liz Cobo

Books of the Bible 5x8 Sticky Notepad

Books of the Bible 5x8 Sticky Notepad

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If you like to take a deep dive into the writers of Scripture, this sticky note pad designed by Liz is a great addition to your Bible Study tool kit. Each notepad includes 25 sheets and prompts to help you take notes on who wrote the book you're studying, what the writer was writing, to whom they were writing, when they wrote it, where they were when they wrote it and of course why they were writing. 

Taking the time to search for these answers in Scripture, using commentaries and with online resources will help to expand your study of God's Word. 

I realized I was already making these types of note inside of my Bible, but was always running out of space. With the addition of this notepad to my toolkit, I can quickly and easily find the answers to the questions... which helps me to better understand the content's of the specific book.

This notepad is especially useful if you aren't using a Study Bible formatted with an introduction for each of the different books. 

It also provides a checkbox list of biblical literary genres - knowing what genre a book falls into is so helpful in correct interpretation. 

Dimensions: 5" x 8"
Includes: 25 sheets with sticky backing on the top of the short side.
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